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Queensland Australia, au
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I have always been different or felt it anyway? I grew up in the Simpson Desert at a town called Finke in the Northern Territory of Australia. ( my parents rang the PMG station (telstra now) and Post Office. ) I love the outnack and all creature's humans, animal's and plants. I had "A Thorney Devil" as a pet as a child, plus potty calf's I fed, and dog's and all things great and small, but not caged or fenced in, Nature need to live and breath their own life. The whole town was only about 10 houses 1 pub, 1 general store and a Police Station and my friends were mainly Aboriginals, that lived in humpies. I road a horse everywhere and when I reached high School age I was shipped of to Alice Springs to a boarding school, which I promptly got the next train home. And did my senior years with correspondence or home schooling as you might know it. My parents in there great wisdom moved us to the city when I was 17 and I hated it. I have a beautiful caring family, that has weathered many a Tramatic experience, and I know that these things are really only sent to strenghthen the ties of Love.
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Loving all Animals, and all living and breathing thing!
Don't tolerate Abuse or Neglect of one self -
I work with Victims of Crime, and I feel so sadden that we don't look after Ourselve's First, as they say " To Your Own Self Be True!"
Working with victim's of crime, maybe that's where the Black humor comes into it?

My Hobbies

imageAs I already live in Paradise, I love the water any kind any where but living on the Ocean in Queensland is a wild life, like you are on a permanent holiday.
Swim, surf, scuba diving, Boating, anything to do with or on or in? the water is great with me.
Writing poetry, and as I have a rather warped (black) sense of humor a lot of amusing writing.

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